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Best Payment Gateways for Shopify Stores in Canada (2024)

Best Payment Gateways for Shopify Stores in Canada (2024)


Choosing the right payment gateway for your Shopify store in Canada is a critical decision that can significantly impact your ecommerce success. A payment gateway processes credit card transactions, handles customer payments, and ensures that money transfers securely from your customer to you. In 2024, Canadian Shopify store owners have several excellent options to consider. This article explores the best payment gateways for Shopify stores in Canada, examining their features, fees, and why they might be the best choice for your online business.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is an ecommerce service that processes credit card payments for online and traditional brick-and-mortar stores. It facilitates the transaction by transferring information between a payment portal (such as a website or mobile app) and the front-end processor or acquiring bank.

Choosing the Right Payment Gateway

Choosing the right payment gateway is crucial for the success of your ecommerce store. It involves evaluating various factors such as transaction fees, security features, ease of integration, and compatibility with your ecommerce platform. Additionally, consider the payment methods your target audience prefers and ensure the gateway supports them. A reliable payment gateway enhances the customer experience, reduces cart abandonment, and provides secure transactions, which are essential for building trust and driving sales.

When selecting a payment gateway for your Shopify store, consider the following factors:
  • Transaction fees: Compare the transaction fees charged by different gateways, as these can eat into your profits.
  • Security features: Ensure the gateway complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to protect sensitive data.
  • User experience: Look for a gateway offering a seamless checkout process to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Integration: Ensure the gateway integrates easily with Shopify.
  • Customer support: Reliable customer support is crucial for resolving payment issues swiftly.

Top Payment Gateways for Shopify Stores in Canada

Top payment gateways for Shopify stores in Canada include Shopify Payments, which offers seamless integration and competitive fees, and PayPal, known for its widespread use and trustworthiness. Stripe is another popular option, providing robust features and excellent support for recurring billing. Additionally, Authorize.Net is favored for its reliability and extensive security features, while Square is appreciated for its ease of use and point-of-sale integration. These gateways ensure secure and efficient transaction processing, catering to the diverse needs of Canadian ecommerce businesses.

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is Shopify’s own payment gateway, perfectly integrated into the Shopify environment, making setup and use seamless. It allows you to manage your store and payments all in one place without having to pay additional transaction fees that third-party gateways might charge. Shopify Payments supports multiple currencies and offers competitive processing rates.


One of the most trusted names in online payments, PayPal is favored for its widespread recognition and trust among consumers. It’s easy to integrate with Shopify and offers buyer and seller protection services, which can enhance consumer confidence in your store. PayPal accepts payments in 25 currencies and offers features like PayPal One Touch, which can expedite the checkout process.


Stripe is known for its powerful API and ease of integration with Shopify. It provides robust security features, excellent customer support, and real-time reporting tools. Stripe’s fees are competitive, and it supports over 135 currencies, making it ideal for stores with a global customer base.


Square is not only a payment gateway but also offers a range of merchant services including point of sale (POS) systems. It integrates well with Shopify and is a great option if you also sell in person. Square accepts all major credit cards and provides strong security measures to protect transaction data.


As Canada’s largest payment processor, Moneris offers tailored solutions that are ideal for high-volume stores. It provides advanced fraud tools and detailed reporting capabilities. Moneris also integrates smoothly with Shopify, offering a streamlined checkout process that can help increase conversion rates.


Selecting the right payment gateway is pivotal for the success of your Shopify store in Canada. It affects everything from the security of your transactions to the smoothness of the customer checkout experience. Each of the gateways listed offers specific benefits, so consider your business needs, transaction volume, and the type of customers you serve when making your choice. With the right payment gateway, you can enhance customer trust, streamline operations, and boost your store’s profitability.

Best Payment Gateways for Shopify Stores in Canada 2024 FAQ

The best payment gateways for Shopify stores in Canada include:

Shopify Payments: Integrated with Shopify, offering competitive rates and no transaction fees.

PayPal: Widely trusted and recognized, providing buyer protection and easy setup.

Stripe: Known for its flexibility and developer-friendly features.

Square: Simple to use, especially for those with physical and online stores.

Authorize.Net: Reliable with advanced fraud protection features.

2Checkout (now Verifone): Supports multiple currencies and global transactions.

Klarna: Offers buy now, pay later options.

Afterpay: Popular for interest-free installment payments.

Moneris: A Canadian company offering secure and reliable payment solutions.

Skrill: Known for its low transaction fees and ease of use.

Shopify Payments offers several advantages, including:

Seamless integration with your Shopify store.

No transaction fees beyond the standard credit card processing fees.

Faster payouts, often within 2-3 business days.

Support for multiple currencies.

Easy setup and management through the Shopify admin.

PayPal works with Shopify by allowing customers to pay using their PayPal account or credit cards. Benefits include:

Quick and easy setup through Shopify’s admin panel.

Trusted by many online shoppers, potentially increasing conversion rates.

Options for PayPal Express Checkout for a streamlined purchase process.

Buyer and seller protection policies to safeguard transactions

Stripe is a popular choice for its:

Extensive customization options through its API.

Support for recurring billing and subscription services.

Wide range of accepted payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets.

Competitive transaction fees and transparent pricing.

Advanced security features, including PCI compliance.

Square is advantageous because:

It offers a unified solution for both online and offline payments.

It provides free online store options if you don’t use Shopify.

The fee structure is simple and transparent.

It includes free point-of-sale software for physical stores.

Fast deposit times, usually within one business day.

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