Purchase Agreement

This comprehensive Purchase Agreement elucidates the terms and conditions that govern the procurement of products and services through eComFixR.com. It is of utmost importance that you meticulously peruse and comprehend all conditions before proceeding with any purchase.

Product Sourcing and Suppliers Notice

We would like to bring to your attention the sourcing of products within our services. We employ tools such as Spocket/DSM or other product importer applications to import products available from various suppliers. Spocket/DSM, in particular, offers expedited product delivery at a monthly premium, and their pricing details can be accessed on their respective page.

It is essential to clarify that we do not invoice you for any applications, and we bear no responsibility for any costs you may incur from these applications or after the expiration of any app free trial. If you opt not to utilize Spocket/DSM, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred product supplier. However, it’s crucial to note that post the delivery of your store, we relinquish any responsibility for the stock or inventory of any specific product or supplier. These elements are subject to change or removal at any given time.

This approach ensures transparency in the utilization of such tools and emphasizes your freedom of choice in selecting suppliers for your ongoing operations.

Apps and Support Terms

At eComFixR, operated by Gentleman’s Business, LLC, our commitment is to provide transparency and clarity regarding our services, charges, and support. 

Subscription and Fees

We do not impose any subscription or recurring fees for our store building or creation services. Our fees are a one-time payment. Upon the successful delivery of your store, we relinquish all liabilities and rights associated with it. It is important to note that any subsequent upgrades, installations, or purchases of apps may incur additional charges that we are not accountable for. Moreover, we do not assume responsibility for any future subscription payments or charges resulting from the expiration of free trials or your sign-up for apps on your Shopify store.

Technical Support

Our technical support encompasses assistance with app support and fundamental store functions, such as product imports. It’s imperative to be aware that if a member does not maintain an active Shopify subscription beyond 14 days, standard support becomes void and will not be rendered. It’s essential to clarify that technical support does not extend to theme or layout customization. Our themes are designed to be easily customized or changed, and the services rendered are considered final once delivered.

Business and Store Management

Technical support does not encompass the ongoing management of your business and store. Store owners are responsible for autonomously running their own stores, including any subsequent changes or modifications post the completion of the initial store setup. This ensures a clear demarcation of responsibilities and facilitates a seamless operational process for our clients.

Service Fulfillment and Terms

At eComFixR, we are committed to providing clear and concise terms regarding our service fulfillment and guarantees. 

Fulfillment of Service

Upon receiving your order, we promptly acknowledge your purchase within 48 hours. Our dedicated team then initiates the process of crafting your store. It’s essential to understand that the estimated delivery time provided is a projection and does not guarantee precise on-time delivery. In the event of Shopify downtime or a system shutdown, the delivery of your store may be delayed until the platform is operational again.

Store Access

For orders involving the redesign or revamp of an existing store, detailed instructions for granting access will be emailed. Failure to provide access within 48 hours will result in the creation and transfer of a new store. Please note that these transfers do not include free trials.

eComFixR Store Management & Product Pricing: Post the delivery of your website or dropshipping store, eComFixR absolves itself of any responsibility for managing your store, products, or altering product pricing. Prices of products are subject to change by suppliers, and we are not held accountable for any fluctuations in product prices.

Guarantees: We assure you of providing a website with the potential to generate online income. However, we cannot guarantee your success or any specific level of profit. The success of your online business depends on various factors, most of which become your responsibility upon receiving your website.

Earnings Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential, there is no guaranteed earning using the techniques, ideas, or software provided. Examples on this website are not promises or guarantees of earnings. Your success is contingent upon factors such as the time you invest, your financial resources, knowledge, and skills. Given the individual variability in these factors, we cannot assure your success or income level. We are not liable for your actions, and materials on this website may contain forward-looking statements expressing our opinion on earnings potential. Actual results depend on numerous factors, and we make no guarantees that you will achieve results similar to ours or anyone else’s.

Updated 1 November 2023