eComFixR Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the eComFixR Brand Guidelines, your comprehensive resource for understanding our brand identity. Our brand is more than just a name and logo; it’s a reflection of our values, commitments, and the experience we offer to our clients. In these guidelines, we’ll explore the reasons behind our brand name, delve into the significance of our color code, and provide you with insights into how we aim to present ourselves to the world. 

At eComFixR, we take pride in our brand, and these guidelines are designed to ensure that our identity remains consistent, trustworthy, and aligned with our core principles. Join us on this journey as we unveil the essence of eComFixR’s brand identity.

Why eComFixR with Capital C, F, and R?

At eComFixR, our brand identity is a crucial element of who we are and how we communicate with the world. The decision to write our brand name as eComFixR, with uppercase “C,” “F,” and “R,” carries significance and reinforces our commitment to professionalism and excellence.

Commitment to Excellence

The uppercase “C” in eComFixR symbolizes our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier e-commerce solutions to our clients, and this capitalization emphasizes our dedication to quality.

 Formal and Reliable

The uppercase “F” and “R” in eComFixR convey a formal and reliable image. We want our clients to know that they can trust us with their e-commerce needs and that we are a professional and dependable partner.


Our choice of fonts reflects the essence of eComFixR. We primarily use two fonts to maintain a consistent and professional appearance

Roboto Condensed

This is our primary font for headings and titles. Its sleek and modern design conveys clarity and sophistication


For body text and general readability, we employ Lato. Its clean and friendly appearance ensures our messaging is easily understood.


Our logo is always displayed horizontally, meaning the logo mark sits to the left of the logo text. There are four color background: #FFFFFF#000000#003366, & #6BC497.

Understanding Our Color Code

Our brand colors play a vital role in conveying our identity and values. Each color has a specific meaning and purpose, contributing to the overall perception of eComFixR.

Primary Color

Deep Blue #003366

Trust and Stability: Deep Blue is our primary brand color. It represents trust and stability, assuring our clients that they can rely on us for their e-commerce solutions. This color is at the core of our identity and reflects our commitment to delivering dependable services.

Secondary Color

Fresh Green #6BC497

Freshness and Growth: Fresh Green serves as a complementary color to Deep Blue. It adds a touch of freshness and growth to our brand. This color symbolizes our adaptability and willingness to evolve with the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.

Accent Color

Vibrant Orange #FF9900

Standout Elements: Vibrant Orange is our accent color, used sparingly for call-to-action buttons and elements that need to stand out. This color signifies action and energy, prompting users to engage with key aspects of our services.

Our color code is carefully chosen to represent our brand’s values and attributes. These colors, along with our distinct name, contribute to a brand identity that conveys professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to excellence.

By adhering to our brand guidelines, we ensure that eComFixR’s identity remains consistent across all our communications, reinforcing the trust and confidence our clients have in us.

Our brand is not just a visual identity; it’s a promise to our clients. It signifies the quality, trust, and innovation they can expect when partnering with eComFixR. These brand guidelines serve as a compass, ensuring that every interaction, every piece of content, and every design element reflects our commitment to excellence. Together, we will continue to make our mark in the eCommerce landscape.

The eComFixR Bug Icon: Symbolizing Our Values and Approach

At eComFixR, every element of our brand identity is carefully chosen to reflect our values, mission, and approach to eCommerce troubleshooting. One such element is our distinctive bug icon, which plays a meaningful role in our brand’s visual representation.

Say Hello to FixR

Why the Bug?

The bug icon was chosen intentionally for several reasons:


Bugs are known for their adaptability and resilience. In the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape, we believe in adapting swiftly to changes and providing solutions that stand the test of time.

Attention to Detail

 Bugs are often associated with attention to detail. They meticulously navigate their environment, just as we pay meticulous attention to the intricacies of eCommerce troubleshooting.


Bugs come in various forms and serve different purposes in ecosystems. Similarly, eComFixR offers versatile solutions to the multifaceted challenges of eCommerce.

What It Represents

The bug icon in our logo represents our commitment to:  Resolving issues comprehensively and with precision.

Adapting to the ever-changing eCommerce environment.

Delivering versatile and effective solutions for our clients.

Embracing the core values of resilience, adaptability, and attention to detail.

We chose this icon not only for its visual appeal but also for the values and principles it symbolizes. Just as bugs play essential roles in ecosystems, eComFixR plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of eCommerce businesses.

Our bug icon, placed before our brand name, reinforces our dedication to addressing challenges head-on, finding innovative solutions, and making a positive impact in the eCommerce world.